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Getting his start in Milwaukee's underground Rave scene, Akron, Ohio native Will Seagrist, aka Mind Cntrl, pushes the boundaries of electronic music, combining elements of film score, folk,  trap, and electro. A former member of EDM duo Party Thieves, Will ventures out on his own to bring his unique style to the world of EDM.

Playing opening sets at such venues as Peabody's (Cleveland, Ohio), The Rave/Eagles Club (Milwaukee, WI) and the Miramar Theater (Milwaukee, WI) he brings flare of the underground electro scene to the mainstream with a unique twist.

A musician from a young age, Will got his start with electronic music production at age 17. Initially a cellist and saxophonist, he moved on to full scale productions under the alias Mind Cntrl after dropping old pseudonym Apollo.

"I'm just a kid trying to make valuable music. All I want is to motivate people in a positive way and for one kid to decide that my music has helped him or her through something. Go on a run, do something when you listen to my tracks and I hope they inspire!"